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That’s what my conscience was telling me the other day…
That date was 24 April 2014, immediately after filing his nomination papers from Varanasi Parliamentary Constituency, Narendra Modi had first said that… “After coming here today, I feel that neither anyone has sent me, nor have I come here, I have been called by Maa Ganga. “
On that day outside that nomination site in Varanasi, I was also present in a huge crowd of international media personnel from all over the country and supporters.
Narendra Modi’s above remark was not given much importance by supporters, party workers, political analysts and media personnel at that time. Not taking it too seriously, was considered a political/electional phrase. But after seeing and reading all those reactions, my conscience was telling me that Kashi is going to have a historical rejuvenation.
Today after 7 and a half years, I can say with hundred percent strong confidence that Narendra Modi did not say that day. That day Narendra Modi was just a medium and some divine power was speaking his word through him.
I have seen Kashi since childhood. Never thought in my dream that I would see this form of Kashi in my life. Unforgettable form of Baba Vishwanath corridor is conching the changing form of Baba’s city Kashi. Many results are yet to come from the unprecedented process of rapid multidimensional historical rejuvenation in Kashi. Wait a few more years.

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