by Sandeep Singh

I have no qualms about saying that Rahul Gandhi is the most important person in India right now. His presence is a must for the emergence of India and I have quite a few  strong reasons for this statement.

Let me set up the context first. If India has to emerge it must know what has kept the nation down. We must understand the reasons because of which India couldn’t become what other successful nations became. A technological hub, a home for marvelous infrastructure, A cradle for science and research, an aspirational country where people could have come and settled from other developed countries and not the other way round.

In 1947 India had a lot of history and legacy of at least 5000 years on whose foundations the nation could have been built but the same were ignored unfortunately. Instead of looking within The Bharat, that was there to offer a whole spectrum of ideas, facts, policies, personalities, concepts, literature etc, quite a few foreign concepts and institutions such as primarily Socialist state, Secularism, bits and pieces of Capitalism, a judicial system that was a leftover from British and other alien concepts were picked up to build India or Hindustan instead of Bharat.

If we look at the number of Britishers who left India, who used to rule India while residing here, it was quite less when compared to the number of Indians it was quite less. Hardly a few lakhs British lived in India to rule India. On the other hand, Indians were 33 crores in number.  Obviously, there were many Indians who were helping the British to keep the power and they also enjoyed the same power by remaining near and loyal to the British. In fact, these Indians were delaying independence because they held power and were totally unaccountable. Looking at 1947 it is now quite visible that the power which was with the British got transferred partially to the same people who helped them keep India under occupation. Also no punishment was given to Indians who were watchdogs of the British and post-independence they gradually again got close to the power corridors. These were the people who had access to power, money and everything nice in the world but had a Slave Mentality. Since they were near the Britishers they wanted the British to rule and did not want independence but mutated and became close to the Congress party the moment independence became inevitable.

The British held India by its throat and looted as much as they wanted. So, who were the Indians who were helping the British and why wasn’t there an inquiry done against those who helped the British? If not punishment, at least an honest effort should have been made to know who were the Indians who were enemies of India and helped the British loot the country and helped them keep the leash on India.  These were the people with a slave mentality. They were getting all the benefits from the British while remaining Indian by appearances. “Appearances can be deceptive” couldn’t have been righter if applied to the Brown Sahebs.

The same people held power post-independence as well while remaining unaccountable to the people. And that’s where the roots of a lot of problems of Bharat lie. And needless to say, recognizing the roots of the problems is most critical to solve or rectify the problem.

We couldn’t recognize the Indians who were enemies of India in 1947 but we can do so in current times. The presence of Rahul Gandhi does that in the current context. His presence makes us take notice of people who support him on his views and thoughts or vice-versa. These are the people who are still incepted with the Brown Saheb Mentality. They think they have a right to have access to corridors of power, they think they are above everyone who doesn’t reside in the posh areas of either Delhi or Mumbai. They have the right to discard (nowadays Cancel Culture) every thought, every person, every concept which is not coming from their cabal.

For these unaccountable power holders, it’s mandatory that the person in name of authority, let’s say PM CM etc., is of weak character. This suits them.

Hence keep an eye on people who guide or want to guide or want an access to the coterie around Rahul Gandhi be it Media Professionals, Media Organizations, NGOs, World Organizations, Film Personalities, Business people, Foreign and Alien people interested in India.

These people or organizations are still small in numbers compared to the other category of people who have the capacity to bring Rahul to Power, with their votes.

Till now only those people have been talked about who want to remain near a Powerful Rahul Gandhi, but it’s important to know about the people who will give him power through their votes.

One must also consider that Rahul Gandhi and the Lovers of him want power by hook or crook or any which way, but the scenario is such that the entire process has to go through democracy of India. The power will come through votes. Post results of 2019 General Elections Sonia Gandhi thanked the 12 crore voters who voted for Congress, which means that these voters wanted Rahul Gandhi as PM Candidate if Congress wins 2019 elections. It’s important to know that these voters in their intelligence or ignorance want the country to be ruled by Rahul and will throw their weight behind him. The world might not want to know who these 12 crores are, but Rahul surely knows who these 12 crores are, where do they live, and why do they want him. One reason I am sure Rahul knows is because Rahul chose another sure shot constituency i.e Wayanad to get back in parliament and he won the seat. We all know what Wayanad is made of and on the basis of this one fact we can a bit infer, where these 12 crore voters are coming from and where do want to lead the country.

Hence people who love Bharat, their families and want progress of Nation development , along with progress of self, their families and community, must know why Rahul Gandhi is the most important person in the country because Rahul’s presence tells us who are the real people who want Bharat to go back to colonial ages where a puppet is in power and his/her controls are in hands of foreigners and Bharat’s progress can be hampered through various nonsensical policies while benefiting other countries by giving them access to India’s market and making India weaker day by day so that it may be dismantled someday.  This sounds familiar, as it happened in the near past. Just Can’t remember when. Do let me know if you are remembering something similar.

To be Continued……

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