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In 2015, Modi government had asked all the states for its requirement list to establish medical colleges in their place ….. Every state except Telangana and Kerala had taken something… Big states demanded 7-10… In 2017, Yogi ji sought a medical college per district for Uttar Pradesh, out of which 10 are fully operational … 11 to complete and working on 10… Up to 45 medical college planning stage… Today Uttar Pradesh is one of the top states in all India in medical facilities….

Kerala also has a special thing ….

Kerala’s Communist Cheap Minister is leaving for Capitalist America on January 15… To treat myself … Congratulations to Communism …
Kerala State Cabinet has ordered that the entire expenditure of their Communist Cheap Minister will be from tax payer money… Congratulations to Communism ..
Advance wishes to the Communist Cheap Minister of Kerala for speedy recovery…
According to the Cheap Minister of Kerala, their health system is the best in India….
Congratulations to the Keralis for making Corona feel together with Maharashtra step by step …
All congratulate the communist government of Kerala otherwise the communists will reject everyone ….

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