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Personality Development Camp in Manali

by Ajit Singh

Personality Development Camp in Manali

बच्चों के लिये मनाली में Personality Development Camp फिर से आयोजित हो रहा है ।
पहला Camp 14 May 2022 Saturday से शुरू हो कर 18 May शाम को सम्पन्न होगा ।
इसके बाद पूरे May — June में गर्मियों की छुट्टियों में ये 5 दिवसीय camp हर शनिवार से प्रारंभ होगा ।
यानी May June में कुल 8 camp लगेंगे।
1 . 14 May को
2. 21 May
3. 28 May
4. 4 June
5. 11june
6. 18 june
7 . 25 June
सभी Camp 5 दिवसीय हैं जो Saturday सुबह शुरू होंगे और Wednesday शाम को सम्पन्न होंगे ।
सभी बच्चों को दिल्ली / चंडीगढ़ से Volvo Bus द्वारा लाया जायेगा ।
दिल्ली मनाली दिल्ली का Bus fare Camp की Fees के अतिरिक्त है ।
Dates for first Camp :
14 May to 18 May 2022
Personality Development programme @ Manali, Himachal Pradesh
Program Description
Bran/18 Mile Manali (1800m)
Program Objectives
 Basics of camping and trekking
 Physical Health & Environmental care
Program Highlights
 For ages 8 ~ 25 years / both genders
 5 days / 4 nights
 Adventure Activity: Trekking, River Crossing, Rappelling
 Leadership Games– Improves Team Building, Problem solving skills, Negotiation skills,
Analytical skills, Decision making by consensus.
Program Alteration
It must be borne in mind that the program route and campsite locations can be changed due to
practical compulsions like safety, availability of water, comfort and well being of participants.
Further, Himalayan weather is unpredictable and can lead to disruption or even cancellation of
the program or some of the objectives of the program.
Program Schedule
Day 1: Arrive at Camp site at Bran/18 Mile (base camp) in Manali; Safety Briefing, Tent
allotment, Acclimatization trek to Neelkanth Mahadev Tample, Dobha.
Day 2 : Moring exercises – Trek to Shangchar waterfall via Bran village.
The trek with
moderate ascent passes along Bran Nala, the pure water stream. We shall do
Rappelling and Rock Climbing for the day and return to base camp. Later in
evening, enjoy team building games.
Day 3 : We shall trek till Kalath village for rivers crossing in the Duhangan rivulet. After
finishing the lunch, we shall go to natural hot water springs where interested
candidates can enjoy the bath. Move back to base camp and hike to Bran jungle.
After lecture on tent pitching, the participants will pitch their own tents. The
participants will experience the joy of self-cooking in the woods.
Day 4 : Today, descend down to base camp and after breakfast visit Solang valley. You
can visit Anjani Mahadev and the nearby places of the valley. Later in the
evening, we shall come back to our base camp for overnight stay.
Day 5 : After morning exercise and yoga, the departure ceremony will be held. Post
lunch, move to Manali town for sightseeing/shopping by local bus. Finally get
your drop at bus stand in Manali.
Camping arrangements
Participants will be accommodated in tents (generally 4 ~ 6 persons) and exposed to a rugged lifestyle in the outdoors. Toilets at the base camp are well maintained , Modern ( Western style).
Program Cost & Inclusions
Rs. 9,999/- per participant
Volvo Bus Fares from Delhi or Chandigarh to Manali are extra .
 Vegetarian meals and Refreshments (tea/Juice)
 Shared tent accommodation / Forest Permits
 Various adventure activities
 Qualified Instructors
Exclusions :
 Bus / train travel to reach/leave Manali from your destination
 Meals/Accommodation during journey to and from Manali
Hot Bath Charges & Local Bus Charges for Manali visit.
You Should bring the following
* Masks , Sanitizer etc.
• Cotton Shirts, cotton pants, woolen pullover, woolen cap, cotton socks
* trekking shoes, gloves, light cotton towel गमछा type पतले कपड़े का ।
* chappals, light rain coat or plastic sheet, sunglasses,
* water bottle, toiletries
* Ball point pen, personal medical kit, etc.
• Parents accompanying kids are Lodged in Separate Hotels 4 Nights / 5 Days @ 12000 ₹ with Breakfast Dinner .
Ajit Singh
Discover Himalaya
• To book your seat , send WhatsApp msg on above number with 3000rs booking amount ( 100% Refundable if cancelled 7 days in advance)


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