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Telling Lying is the specialization of a comrade.


Lying is the specialization of a comrade… This is known for sure. But the big thing is not to lie. It’s a great thing to lie with courage. Without shame and shame.


Today someone tagged me and read a comrade’s post… Government is selling gold plucking government company PDIL… PDIL who is busy in building industries and infrastructure across the country and its engineers and scientists are sweating day and night.. Government is selling such diamond mine.


I am seriously thinking, this is the same PDIL I know since childhood, whose colony has spent 20 years of age?  His head office used to be Sindari then, along with FCI. Both of them had the same colony. Anyone working in PDIL was at least MSc, PhD or MTech. You can say, this was where intelligence and intelligence went to commit suicide.
Average sir, people used to go to office at ten and a half o’clock, came back for lunch at eleven o’clock. Then after eating food, took one sleep and then went away by three and a half three o’clock, and then back at four and a half four o’clock. This was the life of an average scientist of PDIL. So many intelligent and qualified people have innovated two rupees and no one has heard. Yes, there used to be research… Some used to research on the stock market, some on the post office FD rate. Someone used to research that if a loan from PF is made to FD into a bank, there can be an advantage of 0.5% interest. Someone had expertise that if two drafts worth 50-50 rupees instead of making a 100 rupees bank draft, bank commission could save 50 paise. Now the draft maker was no less than you, he belonged to SBI… So he once took the form of the same draft and made 5 drafts a day. So no problem, we will queue twice… What time do we lack.
Those MTech and PhD people used to spit on the roofs of office stairs. How up to the roof? So there is a competition on who can spit the highest. One said, when he went to someone’s office, he saw that he did PhD, playing the game of feeding chavanni in the hole built on the desk with great concentration.
Thank you very much comrade, I found out today that this great experiment of socialism is still going on, intelligence is still being killed in the slaughterhouse of Intellect. And the government is selling it… The only thing I wonder is that there’s any value left to buy.

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