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When Your Concept Clear Then Desires have no end

by Nitin Tripathi
Desires have no end, but your concept must be clear.
Being UP residents in 2017, only wish was that there was a little law order, the hooliganism would decrease, peace. Riots should stop, the terror and appeasement of the capers should end, and since there were Hindus, it was also the desire that Ram Mandir should be built.
2022, when I see it after five years, I don’t think it is the same UP. Leave the riots, the soul of those who try also tremble. Leave less hooliganism, bull dozers go to the house of those who do it. Ram Mandir was finalized long ago, Kashi’s grand corridor has been built, many temples including Vindhyvasini Mata are being renovated and now it is Mathura’s turn. Looking at the 2017 expectations from Kaid, this is only 10/10.
But the bonus is Yogi Baba here. Electricity system became so vigilant that the generator industry is slowly on the verge of closing. Made more airports than the good busports in the state earlier. Expressway / road network trapped. Areas like Bundelkhand which were once infamous were suffering from famine, defense corridor is becoming there. Records set in Covid vaccine. Uttar Pradesh hoisted new flags in progress in any area. Five years ago, if I had to go to the villages of Uttar Pradesh at night, I would have gone with Gunner. Today I have brought my revolver and kept it in my life, I don’t even care when I took it out last time. Earlier, where Uttar Pradesh was identified only Taj, today there are ten historical sites.
Whatever anyone says in personal frustration, I don’t have a percent doubt in saying that what Uttar Pradesh achieved in the last five years was unimaginable. Can’t even imagine in 2017.
Government did what it had to do, now it’s up to us which Uttar Pradesh we like. The one where even those who posted against the government were burnt alive or the one in Uttar Pradesh where the people who did this are either jail or God’s house.
Decision is yours.

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