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by राजीव मिश्रा
Leftists often argue that if business and industrialists do better than private businessmen and industrialists government then why not give the job of security and justice of the country to private companies…
A comrade has been stubborn for days and he thinks it’s indescribable logic.
Why can’t security work be given to private hands?
You get the plumbing work done by a plumber because the plumber is an expert, he can do it better than you. Furniture you make from carpenter and shoes you sew with mochi. You can do it yourself but make him do it because expert can do it better. You send your child to the teacher to study because you cannot know every subject.
Now a leftist advises you why don’t you call a porn-star to sleep with your wife… He can also give better satisfactions than you…
So a comrade! Do this, take the advice and don’t eat my head with your ungodly bitches.

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